Sometimes to get the edge

You have to risk it all

Marcus Oliveira

Light Heavyweight


25-1-1 (20 KO's)
Light Heavyweight
Mayetta, Kansas

The excitement of the light heavyweight division has always been rooted in its unique blend of the kind of fight-ending knockout power you see in the heavyweights, mixed with the speed and combination punching of middleweight fighters. That explosive mixture is exactly the kind of presence that light heavyweight Marcus Oliveira brings to the ring.

With an extensive amateur background consisting of over 200 fights, Oliveira entered the professional ranks a step ahead of the competition and is anxious to establish a reputation as a fighter to keep an eye on. That desire to make an impression and put his past experience to work is what makes Oliveira exciting to watch every time he steps through the ropes. His will to win and his passion to leave an indelible impression on the fans comes out in a fighting style that generates electricity from the first bell to the last. Marcus has been blessed with a natural athletic ability and keen sense of how to size his opponent up, break them down and get them out of there when the time is right.

Originally from Keshena, Wisconsin, Marcus has now found a training headquarters and home in Mayetta, Kansas where, as a member of the Menominee Tribe, he is raising his family and building a fan base. His heritage has not only made Marcus a popular attraction among his Native-American supporters, but also among those boxing purists who love to see his command of sound boxing fundamentals and the guarantee of plenty of action every time he fights. As one of boxing’s rising prospects, Marcus Oliveira is determined to make a statement to those who are watching and send a clear message to others in the division that his climb only leads to one place and that’s at the top of the Light Heavyweight division.